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GroPod user manual

GroPod user manual
GroPod user manual


Important Safety Information

  1. The Heliponix™  GroPod is an aeroponic growing system. Do not stand on the Heliponix™  GroPod and take care to keep children from playing on the Heliponix™ GroPod.

  2. Follow the safety instructions included with the Heliponix™  GroPod pump. Do not attempt to plug or unplug the pump when the unit is plugged into an outlet.

  3. Do not overfill the Heliponix™  GroPod, which would allow water to run out the reservoir bin.

  4. Wear rubber gloves when mixing pH+Base, pH-Acid, and Nutrient solution, in order to protect your hands.

  5. Use a large stirring paddle or spoon to mix the nutrients and pH adjusting chemicals in the reservoir. DO NOT USE YOUR HANDS. The solution may be alkaline or acidic and may cause skin irritation.

  6. Read and follow all safety instructions on the pH and Nutrient labels.



Welcome to the exciting new world of vertical aeroponic gardening.


Your Heliponix™ GroPod sits inside this box. After some quick and easy assembly, you’ll be ready to start growing your own fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, and more.*

* Your Heliponix™  GroPod will grow just about anything, except root vegetables, grapevines, bushes, and trees.

This simple Growing Guide is designed to help you get started.

You don’t need a green thumb – just a standard 120 V outlet to plug in your Heliponix™  GroPod. Once you get the enclosed seed pods started and transplanted to your new Heliponix™  GroPod, you’ll find it’s easy to maintain – and quick to grow healthy, delicious food.


Your Heliponix™  GroPod purchase also gives you access to the Resource Center of, which includes:

  • more detailed aeroponic gardening advice, including specific suggestions for many of the more popular plants grown in the Heliponix™  GroPod.

  • Ask the Experts feature that lets you submit questions directly to me and other members of our Heliponix™ staff.

  • Heliponix, a facebook page where you can share growing tips and ideas with other members of the Heliponix™  GroPod community.


If you purchased your Heliponix™  GroPod directly online, you should already have set up your username and password for the Heliponix™  Resource Center and received a verifying email. If your Heliponix™ representative processed your order, he or she has set up your user name and password and you should have received a verifying email.


If you can’t find what you need through the Resource Center – or if you’d like to order additional Heliponix™ GroPod accessories – we offer live Customer Care Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central time through our live chat

Thank you for purchasing the Heliponix™ GroPod.




Where to locate your Heliponix™ GroPod™


Choose a location for your Heliponix™ GroPod that meets these requirements.

  1. The Heliponix™ GroPod needs to be within the reach of the power cord to a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) 120V receptacle. Do NOT use a power strip for this device.

  2. It does not require to be plumbed in.

  3. Do NOT put it in an environment that is not climate controlled, or is below 50 degrees fahrenheit or over 80 degrees fahrenheit.

  4. It needs to be within 50 ft of a WiFi source with a stable internet connection.

  5. Be sure a clean water source is nearby to fill and carry the reservoir bin from.

  6. Always select a site for the Heliponix™ GroPod that is level.
    NOTE: Your Heliponix™ GroPod MUST be level to work properly.


Connecting Your Heliponix™ GroPod

  1. Plug your device into a GFCI three prong 120V receptacle.

  2. Connect to “My GroPod” WiFi using computer or mobile device.

  1. Enter your local WiFi SSID and password to connect your GroPod to your personal WiFi using the pop up display.

  1. Once connected, visit to register your device


  1. Login to your account using your credentials from step 4. Your user dashboard will appear where you can monitor the status of your device, plant seed pods, harvest plants, and modify your seed pod subscriptions. Visit our YouTube page to see tutorials on how to plant, harvest, and shop for seed pods.




Maintaining Your Heliponix™ GroPod

  1. Check the water level weekly. During hot months, and also once you
    have large plants, check the water level at least twice a week.

  2. Check the pH twice a week and follow the instructions to adjust your pH level. Yellowing leaves are an indication that your pH has drifted out of the recommended range.

  3. Keep the funnel clean and free from debris.

  4. Keep roots away from the pump. Make sure that the pump is located to the side of the reservoir and not directly underneath the tower. You can trim the roots that may be dangling in the reservoir.

  5. Clean the pump strainer monthly. Unscrew the inline strainer, pull the screen through the access port. Clean with water to remove debris.

  6. Keep cool water (85 degrees or less) in the Heliponix™ GroPod.

  7. Large plants, such as tomatoes, peppers, green beans, etc., should be maintained as a compact plant or trained up strings or trellises.


Adding Water to your Heliponix™ GroPod

  1. Keep enough nutrient solution in your reservoir so that the
    submersible pump stays completely submerged.

  2. We recommend using CNS17 Grow nutrient solution. It can be bought on Amazon or a local hydroponic store. Add 15 mL of nutrient solution for every 1 gallon of water added to the reservoir.

  3. During cool months, add nutrients to the water every time you fill your reservoir tank. After the PH of the nutrient solution has been balanced, add the nutrient solution, and stir well.

  4. Depending on the temperature and crop types, a full reservoir should last 2-3 weeks. When humidity rates are lower, your plants will use nutrients and water much faster. Do not let your tank drop down more than half way. Refill your reservoir bin when an email notification has been received.


Draining and refilling the Reservoir

Drain the reservoir and refill with fresh water and Nutrient Solution
between fresh plantings.

  1. Open the Drawer when the pump is not cycling water.

  2. Lift out the inlet hose weight, and remove the reservoir bin.

  3. You can use the drained nutrient solution to water landscape plants around your yard.You can use the drained nutrient solution to water landscape plants around your yard.

  4. Dump the remaining water, clean thoroughly with warm soapy water, rinse, and refill 2 gallon.

  5. Place the full reservoir back into the drawer.

  6. Place the inlet hose weight back into the reservoir bin.

  7. Test the pH of the water, and adjust accordingly with the pH solutions.

  8. Add 15 mL of the CNS17 nutrient solution.

  9. Close the reservoir drawer.

  10. On the Web App, Press the maintenance pause button to resume the normal growing operations.




Cleanup and Storage

  1. Remove the plants from the Heliponix™ GroPod by pulling seed pods from the planting ports.

  2. Disassemble the tower sections, starting at the top.

  3. Compost or discard plant material. Order new seed pods at

  4. Place the growth rings, top cap and lid, and the pump in the reservoir and fill with warm soapy water.

  5. Allow the tower sections to sit in the reservoir for 30 minutes and then clean with water and a sponge.

  6. You can store the parts of the Heliponix™ GroPod in the growing chamber until you are ready to grow nutritious fruits and vegetables again.



Low or No Water Flow Through Nozzle Head

  • Make sure the filter is clear, and pump/hose connections are not leaking.

  • Make sure the outlet has not tripped the indoor breaker switch.

  • Check for a kink in the inlet hose.

  • Make sure the inlet hose is firmly connected to the pump and inlet weight.

  • Unscrew the nozzle head and let sit in vinegar for 48 hours to dissolve any calcium buildup.

Algae Buildup in the Reservoir and Top Cap

  • Light is getting into the system. Make sure all lids are secure and tight. Water Leaks from around seed pods. 

  • Heliponix™ GroPod is not level.

  • With seedlings and small plants, rotate the sed pod in either direction to dislodge any object that may be causing the leak.

Funnel is Running Over

  • Return line is plugged up – dispose of plants with excessive root structures, and clean out the pipeline.

Plants are Wilting

  • If your home is too hot, plants can use a lot of water and the mineral
    nutrients in the reservoir can sometimes become too concentrated –
    drain the reservoir and add fertilizer solution as recommended.

  • Nozzle head is clogged. Unstack the growth rings and
    check for debris in the pipe by unscrewing the nozzle.


Leaves Look Yellow

  • Check to see if pH is near 7 or higher.

  • Nutrients have not been added to reservoir. Add nutrients
    as recommended.

For further information, visit the Resource Center at

To obtain warranty service, email Heliponix™  GroPod Customer Care at within the warranty period for instructions and a Warranty Service Authorization number (WSA).

This limited warranty does not apply to: (i) damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, alteration, improper assembly or installation, negligence in use, or acts of nature or other external causes; (ii) components considered to be consumable items; (iii) normal wear and tear; or (iv) products purchased for commercial or industrial use.


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