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About Us


     Scott Massey met Ivan Ball while working together on a NASA funded research project at Purdue University as undergraduate students under Dr. Cary Mitchell. What started as an introduction to the innovating technology of hydroponics, left them both wondering why there was not a standard, aeroponic device for consumers to grow their own produce. At that moment, Heliponix™ (formerly Hydro Grow) was founded. What started as a dream for these young engineers who wanted to make a difference in the world became a literal kitchen startup in an apartment on campus at Purdue University as Ivan and Scott built their initial prototypes which were funded by working night shifts as full-time students.

      "We chose the name "Heliponix" by combining the word "helix" with "hydroponics". Our goal is to find the most efficient form of agriculture, and that means farming with the least amount of space, energy, and water without compromising our commitment to growing the highest quality food. For inspiration we looked to nature, and were influenced by the helix found in DNA segments. Through survival of the fittest, nature has already determined this to be the most efficient shape, and this has been a powerful influence on our work". 

Scott Massey
Scott Massey - CEO

While pursuing his B.S. at Purdue University in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Scott exited a career as an engineer in the oil and natural gas industry and part time patent drafting for a local patent attorney to become a research engineer at the Purdue University Horticulture College under Dr. Cary Mitchell. This inspired him to found HELIPONIX© (formerly Hydro Grow) his senior year. He is responsible for overseeing next generation products, manufacturing operations, and overseeing the strategic plan of the entire business. Today the company employs several engineers and is expanding their network of GroPods deployed in the market which has been named the "Indiana's Best New Tech Product for 2018" by TechPoint through the Mira Award. Scott continues to advise the Department of State through the Mandela Washington Fellowship on several aquaponic farms across Africa to fight food insecurity in the developing world.  

Ivan Ball - CTO

Ivan obtained his B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology with a minor in Organizational Leadership and Supervision at Purdue University. Throughout the completion of a 5 session Co-op during his undergraduate,  Ivan advanced his knowledge with focus towards automation controls in a large scale food processing facility. The NASA research project sparked his fascination with the idea that anyone could continually grow their own produce without having to manually labor an outdoor garden. Ivan is responsible for the electrical hardware design, software/web development, and cloud network architecture.

Ivan Ball
Silicon Valley Boiler Innovation Group
Silicon Valley Boiler Innovation Group - Advisory Board

SVBIG in an organization that advises and mentors the top ventures and entrepreneurs from Purdue University. Engagement includes early ideas in the classroom through company formation and start-up to company liquidity event. SVBIG comprises professionals with proven experience in entrepreneurship, and with diverse expertise in areas such as venture capital, angel investing, startup leadership, venture finance, and early go-to-market experience in product and channels. 

Bryan Lemon - Software Development Lead

Bryan Lemon has an extensive background in developing Smart Home and IoT systems. He has experience with backend development, website development, and android/iOS app development. Bryan Lemon also has experience with data mining, allowing us to better monitor and improve your growing experience.

Bryan Lemon

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